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Centrally located in Reno, NV, Peak Performance is here to provide you with the best, individually focused, chiropractic and massage therapy care.

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Dr. Stevenson opened Peak Performance Chiropractic in 2006 and has remained in the Reno area as our office continues to grow and expand to larger locations. Dr. Erger joined the office in 2019. We moved to our new office, just south of Moana Nursery in February 2021. Our new location is a little further south but still centrally located in Reno, offering convenience for the local employees and residents of the area. The staff is proud to be a part of the rapidly changing area and excited to be a part of the future of Reno.

Our primary goal is to make you, the patient, live a healthier, pain-free life while addressing the structural demands placed on our bodies from day to day. Whether you are training for an athletic event or confined to a desk all day, we provide hands-on, individualized care, so that every patient can experience the specific benefits of chiropractic care.

Visiting Reno from out of town and need a quick fix? We are a short cab ride from the downtown area.

We have an experienced massage therapist in the office trained in various methods of soft tissue therapy. Her appointments fill up quickly so please call to book in advance. Please see further descriptions of her individual techniques on the staff link. Please note, our massage therapist is an independent contractor renting a room in our office, and we do not bill massage to insurance.

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